Computer and gadget assistance -------- in plain English


Spyware, adware, viruses, crashes, security holes, and simply using your computer can take a toll on the performance of your Windows computer (these are all features made possible by Bill Gates). A new computer will certainly fix the situation but there are usually better solutions. Sometimes a good cleaning is all that it takes to get a computer back up to speed.

We can restore the performance of your computer by checking for and removing viruses, spyware, security holes, software conflicts, add operating system patches, remove unnecessary programs, etc.  We will optimize your system so that you get every last bit of performance from your computer.

When it is cost effective, we can upgrade your current system with:

  • Memory

  • Hard drive

  • Printer/Scanner

  • Wired/Wireless network

For your convenience, we come right to your office or home to perform the upgrade/repair. You don't have to touch your computer.